Sunday 3/25

EcoKids Short Films

 |  13:00:00  |  Free for k

Fun for all ages! The EcoKids short films are a collection of films submitted to us this year, curated films, and a couple of favorites from past EcoKids programming. Short films are appropriate (and fun!) for ages 4-99. After the shorts, enjoy a snack and hands-on EcoKids activites.

Note: Solartaxi - Around the World with the Sun will also screen at 1pm in a separate screening room. SolarTaxi is great for older children (10 and up) and adults. Bring the whole family!


Short Film:Timber
Short Film:The Last Sun
Short Film:Shark Riddle
Short Film:Ride of the Mergansers
Short Film:Papiroflexia
Short Film:On the Beat - Soatá (No Baque - Soatá)
Short Film:India Explains Solar Power to Rudy
Short Film:Don't be a Trash Can!
Short Film:Animal Beatbox
Short Film:Amazonia