Saturday 3/22

Life, Death, & Vacation: Increasing Connection to the Natural World

CinĂ©  |  5:30 PM  |  $7.50

Filmmaker John de Graaf will lead a discussion after his film, The Great Vacation Squeeze. Mr. de Graaf has been producing films for 37 years. Fifteen of his documentaries have been broadcast nationally in prime time on PBS, including the popular special Affluenza. He is the co-author of Affluenza and What’s the Economy For, Anyway? and is the executive director of Take Back Your Time, which has been advocating for paid vacation legislation in Washington State and Washington, DC. The John de Graaf Environmental Filmmaking award is presented annually at the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival. We are honored to have Mr. de Graaf at EcoFocus this year.

Short Film:The Great Vacation Squeeze
Short Film:Slomo
Short Film:Dying Green