About The Film

Recipes for Disaster

Directed by John Webster

Recipes for Disaster shows that at the core of the impending climate catastrophe are those little failures that we as individuals make every day, and which are so much a part of human nature. All the everyday stuff that we don't do, or that we can't help doing, that eventually lead to destruction. The film follows one family that decides to go on an "oil detox" by continuing their average suburban lives but without using any fossil fuels, driving cars or flying in airplanes, or buying anything packaged in plastic, like food, make-up, shampoo, toothpaste, kids toys or those little plastic things that burst out of the Cornflakes. At times a family comedy, relationship drama, and insightful examination of climate catastrophe, Recipes for Disaster gives thirteen "recipes" that are leading our planet to disaster and shows how to combat them. Written and directed by John Webster.

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