About The Film

Potato Heads

Directed by Larry Engel

Do you cherish french fries? Eat mashed potatoes with peas and ketchup? Slather sour cream on baked potatoes? Or are you one who simply boils them and adds a bit of butter and dill? Do you know that you’re not alone? The potato happens to be one of the most widely consumed foods in the entire world. Turns out, we owe a debt of gratitude to the ancient Incas of the high Andes for the ubiquitous spud. Whether you love, hate or ignore potatoes, come to a screening of a short film all about them. Join filmmaker and AU professor Larry Engel as he journeys from the Andes of Peru to the northern plains of Minnesota in pursuit of the culture, science, and history of this marvelous little tuber. We guarantee that after watching the film, you’ll change the way you look at the potato and, for that matter, everything else on your plate!

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Saturday March 31, 2012, 13:00:00